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Although the New Testament evidence for local church membership is not abundant it is consistent and clear.  At the very least local church membership is a natural implication of God’s command to distinguish between His chosen people, and the world that surrounds them. To say it another way, local church membership is a means by which we establish the borders of the church.  Through the process of membership individuals are held accountable to each other, and the authority of the local church. 

At GBCB the first step towards membership is a careful examination of our "
Doctrinal Statement".  This document outlines the beliefs and positions of our local body.  In order to become a member one must be able to affirm this document.  As the membership process proceeds one of the GBCB elders will conduct an interview with each individual pursuing membership.  The most important step in the membership process is one’s relationship with Christ.  In order to become a member at GBCB one must first submit themselves to Christ, and seek Him for forgiveness.


We give these books to new members to help
explain how God wants us to live together in the church.

For more information about church membership you can contact us via e-mail.